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A pentadecapeptide with diverse biological activities


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Protein GLP-1R (human, recombinant; aa 24-145) (Fc-tagged)
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Biochemical Peptide
Small Molecule Activator
Biochemical Peptide
Biochemical Peptide Hormone
A growth hormone releasing peptide
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Small Molecule Activators & Peptide Biochemical
Receptor Pharmacology & Peptide Biochemical
3-Phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase 1 (PDK1) is a serine/threonine kinase with roles in cell survival, differentiation, and proliferation, metabolic regulation, and immune development
Enzyme Protein
Biochemical Peptide
Biochemical Neuropeptide
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Biochemical Research peptide & Receptor Pharmacology
An antidiabetic peptide that forms amyloid fibrils
A cyclic neuropeptide hormone Biochemical & Peptide Hormone Receptor Pharmacology
An oxytocin receptor antagonist
Biochemical Peptide Hormone, Neuropeptide & Receptor Pharmacology
A neuropeptide with diverse biological activities
& Receptor Pharmacology
Research peptide, Receptor Pharmacology & Biochemical
A cyclic neuropeptide hormone
Biochemical Peptide Hormone & Receptor Pharmacology
Peptide Hormone,
& Receptor Pharmacology
Peptide Hormone, Neuropeptide
Why do we need In Vitro Studies?
Well, there are several reasons.
For one, they provide a safe and ethical way to study biological processes.
For another, they allow scientists to isolate specific cells or molecules and study them in a controlled environment.  This can lead to a better understanding of diseases and the development of new treatments.
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Biochemicals play a crucial role in various research areas such as Cancer, Cell Biology, Neurosciences, Endocrinology, and Metabolism. They are vital tools for scientists and researchers striving to unravel the mysteries of these fields.

It's important to note that these substances are strictly intended for research purposes and are not for human consumption or medication.
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Biotech peptides: Myr5A Peptide, Kp-234, G3335, SN50 Peptide.

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"For Scientific Research Purposes Only".
Research opens doors to new knowledge and discoveries. Research serves as a compass guiding us through uncharted territories. Scientific Research carries a mystique, hinting at untold possibilities and discoveries. Let root into its implications and applications & explore the intriguing world of research disclaimers.
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Diverse Experimental Potential: Research chemicals offer a wide range of substances for various experiments. This diversity allows researchers to explore different chemical structures and their effects.
Innovative Research Opportunities: With numerous options available, researchers can delve into new areas of study and potentially discover groundbreaking findings.
Potential for Advancements: The abundance of research chemicals can lead to advancements in various fields, from medicine to technology.
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