Our refund and returns policy lasts 30 days in case you haven’t received your order (like in case it has been sent internationally and hasn’t passed customs). You have to take pictures of the issue and attach them to your message with a detailed description. To complete your return, send us a message with the title “return”.

What is refund policy?

What is reship policy?

Although we have a very high success rate of delivery (close to 100 %), there still is a slight chance of customs seizure. It does not depend on us. The issue is that about 99 % of packages in the US and UK go through customs control without strict control. The rest 10 % have more detailed control and these parcels may be seized. Statistics are that 1 – 5 parcels of 1000 are seized. In case it happens: we reship for free.

In case, the shipping hasn’t been delivered due to a wrong shipping address, we reship for full cost only, as we don’t receive these shipments back. Please, check your shipping address provided carefully!

When do you decide that the order should be reshipped?

Depends on the situation with deliveries in general. At the moment we start considering reship possibility if the order wasn’t delivered within 15 days from the moment of shipping.
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